A Sommeliers Diary

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Welcome to the very First Lamplight Wine Blog.

We are very excited about starting a conversation with you all, so if anybody out there has any questions for us, basic or advanced, we would be delighted to hear from you!

We will be uploading some video blogs shortly, giving some of the background to some of our delicious bottles here at the Lamplight, so we look forward to interacting with you on this platform regularly

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‘ A Sommeliers Diary` - Introduction

In times of change we have the chance to set our clocks back and look what is important to us… Family, Friends, quality time and our purpose in life. No better time to appreciate what’s around us.

I have come to the conclusion that food & wine is one of the most basic, but also the most pleasurable aspects in my daily life. I have taken up my original profession and started cooking again, vigilantly choosing organic/biodynamically farmed vegetables, salads & fruits, local meats from the butcher and handcrafted wines at all price levels.

Most importantly of all though is my connection with my passion for wine. I am in the wine trade for almost 20 years now, much of the time in the profession as a Sommelier.

For some this may be a new term, let me briefly explain what a Sommelier does. In simple words a Sommelier is a wine & beverage expert in a restaurant setting, including non- alcoholic beverages and alcoholic ones.

We try to infect the people around us with our passion and make wine less of an enigma….making our guests feel settled and provide them with the best experience. It’s all about the right ambience and the perfect food & drink combination of the guests preferences…not the Sommeliers.

As one of my fellows nicely said, “Sommelier is not a job it’s a lifestyle” and foremost of all we are educators to the people around us to open up the world of wines and make it approachable for anyone.

Learning about the basics of wine is a fantastic experience, because you walk into a shop and all of a sudden these bottles from around the world seem to make some sense to you - what the liquid inside may taste like. It’s a very satisfying moment.

Wines taste better the more we know about them and each one has their own personality, just like you and me.

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