Terroir Historic, Terroir a Limit, Priorat, Spain

Grape Varieties: 75% Grenache 25% Carignan

Story behind the label:

The harvest is completely manual and we use boxes holding a maximum of 12 kilos to respect the grape to the utmost. The grapes are placed whole in cement tanks and gently trodden. Then we close the vat and wait for the yeasts of the vineyard to do their work. We interfere as little as possible. This gives a transparent, smooth and easy-to-drink wine.


Wine  behind the label:

Full in Body but still with an elegant texture a fine wine made for food. Aroma of fresh forest fruits backed by fine minerality giving it a delicate texture.

Note: biodynamically farmed

Food Pairings: full flavoured dishes & grilled meats

 Alcohol (ABV): 14%

Terroir Historic, Terroir a Limit, Priorat, Spain


    At the Arch Guesthouse,  Market Street, Clifden, Co Galway, Ireland.